Greenwich, London

Greenwich is a sweet little village apart from Greater London – at least it feels that way. Home of Greenwich Mean Time, the Prime Meridian, Cutty Sark, and the O2 Arena (where I watched Lauryn Hill’s comeback concert! Brilliant!), it also showcases a few lovely royal museums: the National Maritime Museum, The Queen’s House, and the Royal Observatory Greenwich. To be honest, I haven’t been inside any of these edifices, but I do recall myself exclaiming, “This is fucking beautiful!” upon entering the grounds of the Maritime Museum – from seeing this gallery, wouldn’t you agree? From there, it’s a bit of a trek to get up to the Royal Observatory (if you’re out of shape like yours truly), but it’s no worse than scaling the hills of cities like San Francisco or Edinburgh (just dig deep and use your thighs, not your calves!). I distracted myself by birdwatching for robins, which are, in my opinion, the sweetest little things next to hummingbirds and pygmy falcons (I only bring them up because I went to the San Diego Safari Park for my birthday last weekend and saw a pygmy falcon chick in their nursery–adorable!!).

If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember, then by all means, straddle the Prime Meridian and ‘be in two places at once’. Otherwise, pay nothing and just stand up there and view the (again, in my opinion) best panorama of London. That white, spiky armadillo-lookin’ thing off in the distance (to the right) is the O2, an Olympic venue and host to some great gigs! If you don’t mind forking out the cash, the Observatory is home to London’s only planetarium and the UK’s largest refracting telescope (that thing is GINORMOUS!). At the very least, the area offers some lovely parks. Strap on your flashy, neon-colored NIKE Free’s and prance about like a woodland deer… or practice/perfect your cartwheel. Work it out!


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