The British Museum – 44 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London

The British Museum. Why I moved to London, why I studied Classics, why I love Ancient History… There is no other place than the state of California that has shaped who I am more than this holy temple of human history. It will forever be my imagination’s playground, my equivalent to ‘kid in a candy store’, and the space I feel most self-assured about my decision to study a Humanities subject at the height of a recession…

Aside from the disputed politics of the place (that the British Museum single-handedly pillaged & plundered the world’s cultures of their patrimonies), nowhere but the Louvre in Paris can bring all of mankind under one roof. Experience the richness of the world’s peoples and their heritage and histories. Connect yourself to your past and be proud that you are a part of everything that you see. Let yourself ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the beauty and brilliance of ingenuity from civilizations who didn’t have forklifts and Ford F150’s to move things. Most likely they just had slaves…

Oh. Quick tip: DON’T buy the food in there. It’s extortionate for what you get. There’s a brilliant little Thai restaurant just outside called the Thai Garden Cafe (32 Museum Street). Yea, eat there instead.


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