The London Eye

The London Eye, a millennium gift, offers imperial views of the city — the drawbacks, however, arguably trump the privileges: two-hour queues, the ticket prices range from about £17-45 for 30 minutes, and there’s no guarantee of weather conditions. Nonetheless, it’s a MUST-do, whether you’re a tourist or a transplant. The first time I went on the Eye was when I was 16, visiting London with my oldest sister for the first time. Coincidentally, the weather was just as gloomy as the next time I went on.

Throwback: The second time was as a reporter for at the Marriott London 7s Media Launch (for rugby 7s). I had a photographer with me, who, thankfully, was a seasoned pro in the professional rugby world, because I hadn’t the damndest idea what I was doing. The RFU (the governing body of rugby in England) organized the event, and by some random mishap, my photographer and I were assigned to the capsule with the South Africa team captain and crew. By all rights, this was a disaster, considering that I’d only researched interview questions for the England Men’s and Women’s captains, and I knew nothing of the South African team’s tournament standing, their prestige, or anything about rugby whatsoever

This is an anecdote about divine intervention. God, or some heavenly entity, thought it time to throw me a bone in life and lock me in a rotating capsule for 30 whole minutes with one of the most sweet and beautiful men I’ve ever seen in my entire life: Kyle Brown, Springbok 7s [Men’s] captain. I thought, ‘F— it’, and decided to give a ‘fun’ interview, where I asked him about pre-game rituals, Harry Potter, traveling around the world, and The Avengers movie. I’m an idiot. But it was such an awesome, unexpected event in my life that I’ll never forget. You’ll have a few of those in London if you put yourself out there. My motto: be curious, be receptive to the universe, and when life gives you lemons, cut those bad boys up for tequila shots!


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