Edinburgh on Ice

Welcome to the Athens of the North – birthplace of Harry Potter, setting to Ian Rankin thrillers, a literary capital of the world, home of the Scottish Enlightenment, and my home for three years of university. I love this city. For as long as it took me to comb my memories of all the sensual (in the literal sense of the term) experiences I had in London, it’s going to take me a lifetime to tell you of all the wonderful nooks and crannies in the city’s center alone. I worship every cobblestone and magpie on that hilly patch of earth. It’s one of the most picturesque cities you’ll ever see–The Royal Mile has the Castle and Holyrood Palace as book-ends! The best part, for all my fellow geeks, you won’t need a tour guide to see where J.K. Rowling found her inspiration for the series that changed the world. It literally has layers upon layers of history, down to the bedrock, and what’s more, the Scots are an exceptional breed. I love them. The Scottish accent never gets old for me. Their friendliness, kindness, and good humor — you won’t find it anywhere else.

The one drawback is, obviously, the bone-rattling winds and the hollow, wet cold. I’ll never forget that one night in my first year, when my radiator wasn’t working, when I thought I was going to die. At the height of winter, you’ll get 4 hours of daylight. That’s it. The darkness is enough to induce depression and suicidal thoughts, yet I wondered every winter why I was such an Eeyore…

Having said that, I want to introduce you to the city when it’s cold. When it’s icy. Even then, you will easily find its beauty and charms in apparent and obvious places — no need to search for the details. Edinburgh has so much to offer at any time of year. Welcome to its winter.


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