Sergio Giannasso Hair & Make-Up – 53 St Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden, London

Let me just say this: it’s no ordinary occurrence when I walk into a salon in Covent Garden, on the verge of tears, asking someone who isn’t my stylist of 7 years to shave the side of my head. These were desperate times, my friend. I’d just survived a pretty scathing experience, which I can only blame my naivete for letting happen, and I was in that ‘F*** the Po’lice’ kind of mood. Hence, the rebellious action. My hair speaks the loudest for my physical appearance. It’s the envy of my family, and I work hard to keep it Disney-princess awesome. I haven’t done anything dramatic with it since I lopped off x-amount of inches for a blunt bob just under my chin. Never again.

I walked passed Sergio Giannasso on my way to Notes Coffee around Jubilee weekend (the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration, that is), and I saw in their window a bit of promotion—David Hasselhoff gets his hair cut there?! Hot damn, they’ve gotta be good! I thought.  I was right. Most expensive dye job of my life, but they know how to tame tresses. My stylist was Leanne – the absolute cutest and quintessentially London lass I’ve ever met. She is a true artist, as I’m sure can be said for the other stylists. Artists should be able to take your vision and make it their own, and you should love what they come up with. No regrets. I loved the shave job (no pun intended) and that I can hide it while I’m still interviewing for Corporate America (our little secret!), and I went back a few days later for an ombré. Tadye, my personal Wonder Woman, said that she’d never seen an ombré done the way Leanne had done mine. She told me that that style had originated in London, but Leanne didn’t call it an ombré – she called it a California-something – so I started to panic a little bit. It wasn’t necessarily what I had in mind … it’s actually so much better! Tadye gushes over it (though, as a traditionalist, she’s not too jazzed about the shaved bit), and I love how my hair looks. It’s been about three months since I got it done and it still looks amazing. I regrettably don’t have any recent pictures of my ombré (I’ve stayed away from the camera’s lens since I’ve been home), but if you take anything from this post, take this: if you’ve got the cash, this is your spot. Sergio is an Italian hair visionary, and it’ll show. Trust me.


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