Bodega Dalí – Tengstraβe 6, 80798 München

My best friend Erika has been to Europe twice with me now, and for my last Easter break at uni, we went to Munich for four days. I think we found out about Bodega Dalí in the hotel magazine, or in a newspaper or something… anyway, irrelevant. The outside looks like a random wooden door on the side of the street, but inside is a beautiful, warm tavern. Our waitress was from Spain, spoke English and German quite fluently, and  helped us order tapas and sangria. She was a really lovely girl and we had good chat, you know, shootin’ the shit about life as an expat. We were at a long wooden table in the back of the restaurant, sat next to an old German couple who couldn’t speak English. I was surprised by how much we could communicate with them and how friendly they were to us. A friend’s company is headquartered in Munich, so when we met up with him he told us that we were lucky that the locals were so nice to us (must be the sunshine!) — usually they’re grumpy and hate tourists. Guess we lucked out! I sometimes find it a rarity to strike up a random conversation (without even knowing the language!) with a total stranger in Europe. It’s a very treasured thing, at least for me.

I’m very big on Spanish food/wine culture. Funny that the best sangria I’ve ever had was here and another place in Porto (Portugal) rather than anywhere in Spain… Ahem, anyway, if you ever find yourself in Bavaria, and you’re looking for a nice place to enjoy dinner, look no further! I loved it here 🙂


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