The Details in the Fabric – Paris Take II

Once we got over the fact that everyone in Paris seemed to hate us, I think Erika and I had a great Spring Break…

Sometimes places are more receptive to developing relationships than people are, which seemed to be the case when Erika, one of my best friends, came to Europe for the first time to visit me. On that trip we did a tour de force of Edinburgh (where I went to school), Paris, Amsterdam and London, with the most amount of time spent in the one place where it would’ve paid big to have known the language. Two painfully American girls were not so easy to absorb into the French capital’s setting, so we just wandered around for four days, just the two of us, paying attention and admiring the details. Pain au chocolat for breakfast, baguettes for lunch, and whatever we could come by in the evening. I’d rather like to think that we subsisted off of the beauty of Paris’s vast expanse instead. It had been thirteen years since I’d been to Paris; no more picking up francs off the ground, and no parents on hand to peel my rotund face off a shop window while looking at feathered calligraphy pens. That’s all I remember of Paris. That, and holding my mother’s hand crossing the street, only to find a headless pigeon ominously waiting for me on the other curb.


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